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    Meet Stan – The phone app that reports damaged roads to councils automatically from a smartphone mounted in your car’s windscreen.

    The app is called Stan, and is free for drivers to download and use - with no sign-up or personal data collected or stored. Drivers can become ‘citizen surveyors’ for their local council by using their smartphone camera to record the state of the roads during any car journey. Every council will be provided with a portal and log-in, where data from reports made via the app will be continuously shared.

    ‘Video’ and individual images recorded via the app will be screened using an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘neural network’ that can accurately recognise and flag-up a multitude of issues. These range from small cracks and crumbling surfaces, to road edge failures, potholes of all sizes, areas of water pooling, faded road markings, and even dirty or obstructed road traffic signs.

    Additionally, drivers will be able to zoom into their local area on a nationwide ‘road health’ map at stantheapp.com, giving them new insights into the state of their local roads on a constantly updated basis, as well as being able to compare the health of their roads to those maintained by neighbouring councils.

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    • Many modern Diesel engines have Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), within the exhaust system to collect Soot which is generated by the combustion process. 

      When the engine senses that the DPF is restricting exhaust flow it initiates a Regeneration to clear the deposits. Some systems add a special fluid to the fuel and change the characteristics of the engine which increases Exhaust Gas Temperature and burns off the deposits thus Regenerating the DPF. 

      To achieve Regeneration certain conditions must be met, these vary between manufacturer …

    • Vehicles failing updated MOT are not roadworthy, even before old certificate has expired 

      Motorists whose cars have failed an early MOT but who continue to drive until the date can be given six points on their license and fined up to £2,500, according to the What many drivers don't realise is that an original MOT is invalidated if a recent on failed

      Police can use cameras to detect cars that have failed an MOT, regardless of if there left on their old pass certificate.“Many drivers will not be aware a refused MOT will be …

    • These are a security key which helps prevent your wheels being removed or stolen kept in the glove box or centre console or another stowage area, but more commonly with the spare wheel and its jack/tool kit. 

      Regardless of the work, your car is in for, it is advisable for you to place your Locking wheel key on the passenger seat in case we need it. Searching for hidden keys not only delays your repair but also incurs a cost pro-rata at our hourly charge out rate in addition to the cost of repair. 

      Locking Wheel removal without the key …

    • Background 

      It has long been known that a decrease in tyre tread depth can lead to the deterioration of a tyre's performance during cornering, and straight line braking in the wet. A tyre is unable to deal ith the same volume of water on the road at lower tread depths, which means that the tyre is unable to transmit traction and braking forces as effectively.Previous studies had confirmed this relationship, however there was a need for independent testing to quantify the effects on typical cars found on today's roads. 

      In 2003, the …

    • Depending on the manufacturer and model so it's best to refer to the owner's manual before you start. 

      As part of the overall drive to reduce emissions, and to comply with the new Euro standards, more and more diesel cars now include SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. Used in the right way, SCR can help to reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions by as much as 90%, with fuel efficiency also increasing by between 3% and 5%. 

      How will I know when it's needed? It's important to take action as soon as you see any relevant warning …

    • After fitting new brake discs and pads we will have carried out a road test including initial "bedding in” of your brakes.To optimise the braking performance of new brake discs & pads you must allow for a further "bedding in" process as the new brake pads have to condition themselves to the brake discs on your vehicle. Generally by normal driving the brake pads will require approximately 200 miles to become fully conditioned. During this period we recommend that you avoid hard or aggressive braking. Caution: Excessive braking can cause the …

    • If the 'ECO' light is on constantly or the inhibitor switch is permanently lit the system has a fault or has been disabled via the switch. If it is faulty a message will appear on either the centre display or the instrument panel display. 

      If the 'ECO' light flashes 7 times, the system has a fault which requires workshop attention.If the 'ECO' light flashes 3 times, the system is working without fault, however an external function or feature is preventing the system from stopping the engine. 

      This includes:  …

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