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Modern cars offer huge benefits over cars we all owned a few years ago. They are safer, more reliable, use less fuel and are much easier to drive. They also have a whole host of features for comfort and convenience.

All these improvements mean cars are a lot more complicated and, when they occasionally go wrong, it can be an expensive repair.

We offer WMS Warranties

Voted the best car warranty in the UK, they offer excellent cover with Wear and Tear Batteries, even Navigation systems are included for a very competitive price and their claims process is second to none.

You always insure your house, so it makes sense to cover your car.

Here are a few recent examples which may help you decide.

  1. A 4½-year-old Peugeot 3008 Diesel with 31700 miles developed a fault with the alternator. The repair cost £997. This would have been covered by the WMS Safe and Sound Ultimate Warranty purchase price of £325.
  2. An 8-year-old Range Rover Evoque with 62341 miles had a problem with the rear differential. The repair cost £2560. This would also be covered by WMS Safe and Sound.

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