Why Buy From Us

Not all used cars are the same...

A 300-point checklist is only as good as the wording of the questions, for example, Tyres:

  • The tread depth is only one aspect which requires consideration.
  • The wear pattern across the width of the tyre, the age of the tyre and the condition of the sidewall are just as important.
  • The MOT test has a very low standard when it comes to tyres.
  • Also, the ability of the inspector is a factor.

Car supermarkets and online sellers make a big thing of their inspections covering hundreds of points but most DO NOT DO THEIR OWN INSPECTIONS. This is subcontracted to a “Prep Centre” which can comprise a tent on a disused airfield.

  • The process is run on a production line basis with unskilled staff employed on a casual basis to do most of the work.
  • Generally, there is no road test to assess the workings of the mechanical features.

What we do at Howlett of Lavenham

  • We look at the service history forensically, a stamp in a book proves very little.
  • We look at the recommended service content both in mileage and vehicle age and compare it with the service records the car has in the service book, invoices and digital records, we then compare this with the condition of the car itself.
  • The service we give the car is tailored to that car to bring it up to date for the current requirements of the car plus any historical shortfalls.
  • All our cars have a minimum of a 5-mile road test driven under a variety of conditions. 

That’s what makes the difference

10 Reasons to buy from us

Hand-picked vehicles are supplied only through our trusted sources.
HPI cleared the history check.
Comprehensive pre-sale check, road test and service analysis. Then serviced to the correct level.
Minimum 6 months MOT.
Minimum 6 months warranty cover with options to upgrade with Award-winning WMS Safe and Sound Ultimate cover.*
Access to technical assistance through our Resource Centre.
20-minute plus pre-sale road test on rural, urban and main roads tailored to suit your requirements.
Comprehensive handover, pre-programming of radio, hands-free and navigation systems if required.
Post-delivery customer care consultation to answer any queries on functionality.
Ongoing maintenance and warranty programme tailored to your specific requirements.

*Age and mileage limits apply

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