Stop & Start Function

If the 'ECO' light is on constantly or the inhibitor switch is permanently lit the system has a fault or has been disabled via the switch. If it is faulty a message will appear on either the centre display or the instrument panel display. 

If the 'ECO' light flashes 7 times, the system has a fault which requires workshop attention.If the 'ECO' light flashes 3 times, the system is working without fault, however an external function or feature is preventing the system from stopping the engine. 

This includes: 

  • Ambient air temperature below 7°C or above 35°C 
  • Air conditioning set to low or 14°C 
  • The heater fan on full speed 
  • The requested heater temperature is more than 10°C away from the 
  • ambient temperature 
  • The vehicle has not yet reached 7mph in a forward gear 
  • Reverse gear is selected 
  • The fuel level is too low 
  • The battery charge is below 75% 
  • The battery temperature is above or below optimal range 
  • The starter motor temperature is excessive

The particulate system is regenerating 

The heated rear window or front screen demister is activated

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